Doctor Who Cast

This British Sci fi is loved by many people. The show has been around over 50 years and won many awards. Great movies and sequels has been produce from this show. Watch doctor who online to see why people love this Sci Phi. The cast members are very talented. Here are some of the main Characters on this program

David Tennant: Doctor

David debuted in Doctor Who and played a role of the Doctor in the BBC series. David Tennant always wanted to act since his early childhood. His dream came true came when he landed a big acting role which made him one of the main characters.

Matt Smith:     Doctor

Matt Smith Became the youngest actor on the show at the age of 27. Matt is a very talented actor and he was voted the best actor in 2010 in a sci-phi magazine.

Karen Gillan:    Amy Pond

Am Scottish actor who grew up in Inverness. She loved acting from her youth. She attended good youth theater programs that developed her acting skills to become a very good actress.

Billie Piper:      Rose Tyler

Billie started off as a vocalist poster girl for a pop music campaign.  She became a pop artist and made several hits that debuted #1 on charts. Billie Piper studied arts at a good school called Sylvia Young Theater School. She then went to acting and won a lot of  best actress awards.

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